How to Find a Rehab Center in Georgia

09 Aug How to Find a Rehab Center in Georgia

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America’s current drug crisis should not be news to you. We’ve waged our futile war on drugs for centuries now, with little to show for the endeavor. From opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, to just about every illicit drug on the streets, there is no shortage of abuse here in the US. Today, addiction begins both in and out of the doctor’s office.

And, unfortunately for some states, that phenomenon is amplified. One such place is Georgia, where they’ve witnessed a 1000% increase in drug overdoses in the last decade alone. Some 1500 people overdose annually, with thousands more running to find a rehab center in Georgia, and even more left alone to plummet in the throes of addiction. As you can see, solving the issue as to how Georgia can fight its war on drugs is not a simple solution.

Unfortunately, a massive part of Georgia’s drug demographic is occupied by teenagers. The CDC reported that teenagers in Georgia are abusing more painkillers than the rest of the population. With the climb in overdoses, the seemingly endless flood of illicit substances, and the difficulty Georgia has had—even with a grant—in mitigating the problem, it’s quite clear there are dark, unforgiving clouds on the horizon for the state of Georgia.

If you found yourself reading this article, chances are the above isn’t unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you’re seeking a Georgia rehab center for a loved one, or yourself. In any case, what you should know is that Georgia has been expending energy and resources towards fighting their drug problem, and one area of improvement is their rehab centers. They have some of the best programs in all of the US and offer treatment all of the most popular drugs in Georgia. With government aid and state platforms, they can also be affordable if you are in need of a treatment center.

If you’re wondering how to find a rehab center in Georgia, look no further.

First Things First

Before we continue, we want to congratulate you. If you’ve admitted to yourself that you have a problem and are currently seeking help, then you’re further along the journey than most. If you’re someone looking out for a loved one, standing up to their addiction takes courage. No matter who you are, we’re proud of you. Extremely proud.

With that being said, locating a rehab center in Georgia is as easy as a Google search. Finding the right rehab for you, that’s an entirely different discussion.

Identifying the Problem

Take this advice with a grain of salt, as this is predominantly the staff’s job in whatever program you choose. However, before searching for a rehab center, if you can gauge the services you’re going to need, you might be able to specify the programs rendered.

What we mean here is, do you think you’re going to do an inpatient program or an outpatient detox program? Is the severity of your or your loved one’s condition to the point that you’re going to need help detoxing from a benzo addiction or a heroin addiction? What is your budget and—if you don’t have one—what sort of resources do you have that could help?

Again, this is not your job. A dexterous rehab center will be able to evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly. But if you have a semblance of an idea, it can help you prepare for the search.

Assess the Root

While you may not be capable of understanding the precise needs of your rehab treatment or know how to pick the right detox center, work to be self-aware through the beginning of the process. Are you trying to find a rehab center because others are telling you to? Do you need a bit of time to strengthen mentality before beating your addiction? Most importantly, is this something you and you alone desire?

All of these questions can be answered by a medical professional—and all of them will be respected. A rehab center can actually work with you pre-admittance and give you helpful advice on how to prepare for the journey ahead.

Due Diligence

Wanting to achieve long-term sobriety is a major decision, accompanied by a major journey. As with all big decisions in life, taking the time to research your options is highly recommended. When looking for a Georgia rehab center, it’s important to examine each and every program they offer, find reviews on people and their experiences, and ensure that it seems like a viable solution for you.

Rehabilitation centers provide an amazing and love-driven service, but the sad reality is not all of them do it well. It’s important to be thorough when researching rehab centers, as you want the maximum comfort and efficacy possible.

Is It Customized?

It’s paramount that you find a Georgia rehab center which works specifically with the individual. By offering custom programs—simply by design you’re going to have a hands-on, personal experience with a professional who evaluates your specific needs and helps you achieve your goals.

In addition to the ‘standard’ therapies like group, cognitive-behavioral, individual, and so forth, check to see if there are alternative therapies available too. Are holistic options provided? Do they have certain programs that make the entire experience enjoyable and motivating?

Ensure that you’re going to have a customized experience, and know that a professional is going to take extra time examining your situation specifically. It’s the difference between being categorized in a group and being evaluated as an individual.


Different Georgia rehabs will have different core principles. It’s important that you find one which speaks to you. Some may have a religious connotation to them—or are simply pious—while others are steadfast about the 12-step program. You want to be in an environment that speaks to you, not one that you don’t believe in. By establishing what their core principles are, you mitigate the risk of rejecting the treatment on principle.

However, if you’re open-minded through the process, you may spark a new belief system that helps you overcome your challenges.

What’s The Cost?

We know that rehab centers can be quite expensive. Georgia rehab centers aren’t any cheaper. Still, by working with insurance, financial aid programs, loans, and government grants, there exists a vast array of resources to utilize. There is no reason, in today’s age, that an addict should be turned from his path because of monetary reasons.

If a rehab center isn’t willing to help you with cost, or at least provide valuable information in solving it yourself, then that’s probably not one you want to be at in the first place. Don’t let the price of any program scare you away from rehabilitation. There are people that want to help, and infrastructure that has been built solely for that purpose.

Contact with the Outside World?

If you’re looking into Georgia rehab centers for your loved one, you need to identify what their policy is with contact outside of the inpatient program (if that type of program is what’s necessary). Of course, most outside contact should be limited initially, as your loved one needs to focus on the situation at hand; beating their addiction.

However, by understanding the visitation policy and their contact limitations, you help prepare both you and the addict for the journey ahead. Knowing these things ahead of time helps manage expectations when the process is underway.

Is There a Certain Demographic?

It’s generally agreed upon that you want to relate to those around you faced with the same struggles. You may not have as pleasant of an experience if you’re admitted into a rehab center as a teenager when their facility is composed primarily of older addicts. Of course, this is subjective, as every addict can learn something from another despite their age. It’s just another piece of information that is good to evaluate when searching for a rehab center.

Does It Treat You?

Georgia is currently reeling beneath the pressure of the opioid epidemic. From fentanyl overdoses, opioid addiction, and the heroin triangle tragedy in Georgia, there is no shortage of addicts surfacing from the issues faced by the country as a whole. With that being said, it’s important to research what sort of addictions the Georgia rehab center is known to treat, or offers services for.

You may find that one rehab center specializes in alcoholism in Georgia, while another has streamlined their efforts toward painkillers. You’ll even find many that treat all addictions.

Do They Use Medication?

Certain substance abuse addictions—like opioids—can be potentially dangerous during the detox process. Being that this addiction is rampant in Georgia, it’s important to research whether or not the rehab center provides medication. This could be a personal choice, or simply a necessity, but there are rehab centers that don’t believe in providing medication.

By first identifying your needs, then identifying whether or not they provide medication, you’ll have a better understanding of how the particular rehabilitation suits you.

Longevity, It’s Important

It’s recommended that you seek Georgia rehab centers which have been practicing for over five years. Unethical and unscrupulous rehab centers will fall to the blade quickly, as they’ll be exploited for their wrongdoings and won’t have success in fighting addiction. If you find a rehab center that has been practicing for a long period of time, the higher the chances that they provide a quality service.

Another great point to add here, is often new rehabilitation centers will ensure success. Unfortunately, when it comes to treating addiction there is no guarantee that sobriety is going to stick. It’s person-dependent, as once they leave the rehab center it is up to them and their willpower to abstain from using again. There isn’t a magic formula that works on each individual, it is a journey that never ends.

Single Gender, or CO-ED?

It is commonly agreed that, when in rehab, a patient should abstain from anything that can serve as a trigger for their addictive tendencies. One such trigger is romance. There have been plenty of accounts of romance in rehab and if you think this may become a problem for you, then there are options and alternatives available. There is a reason why professionals recommend you abstain from relationships in the initial part of the process.

Dual Diagnosis

Does the Georgia rehab center focus or treat people who have dual-diagnoses for individuals with a co-occurring disorder? If you’re someone that has a dual diagnosis, it’s paramount you find a program which understands the nature of your disorder. Why? Because those struggling with addiction—who have a dual diagnosis—are actually treated differently than most patients. Both problems need to be addressed, as healing one won’t heal the other.

Be sure to check if the rehab center works with this type of condition, otherwise they may not be fully equipped to service your needs.

Test out the Rehab Center

A great way to gauge whether or not the rehab center is going to be right for you is by walking in and speaking with a professional. In which case, it’s important to note how attentive they were. Did they ask a ton of questions? Did it feel personal, or routine? Were they capable of answering all of your questions and providing valuable information? How long did they spend with you? Was it brief and manufactured, or did they want to make the most of your presence?


The reality is that sobriety is a never-ending journey, one that will only improve over time. patients don’t simply leave a rehab center cured of their alcohol or drug addiction, they must work every day to fend off outside forces, stick to the game plan, and exercise willpower over temptation. In which case, a great Georgia rehab center should provide some sort of aftercare system. This should be instated after the completion of the program and it should be spoken about in the initial part of the process. Aftercare, in many regards, is as important as detox and rehab.

There Is a Rehab Center for Everyone

The first step is admitting you need rehab, the second step is following through. We commend you for your courage. The further you look into Georgia rehab centers, the more you’ll begin to realize that there’s a rehab center out there for everyone. Be diligent, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to pop by and speak to a professional. There’s an entire industry of people that want to help you and pair you with others in the midst of the same struggle. You’re not alone—not in the least bit. Good luck on your journey, we believe in you. If you would like to talk to a professional about your substance abuse addiction, please call our customer service line today.


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