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Are you ready to quit your habit? Begin your road to recovery with a trusted detox facility in Gwinnett County. Detox combines medication, counseling, and a supportive environment to help you on your journey to sobriety. Situated in the Chattahoochee River basin along the Eastern Continental Divide, Gwinnett County is part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. While Gwinnett features a population of over 800,000 people, the county still offers a quiet, small-town feel that perfectly accommodates the serenity and slow pace necessary to focus on detox treatment. The medical professionals at Gwinnett County detox centers understand that detox can be challenging both mentally and physically and do everything they can to accommodate you for a successful first step towards recovery. If you are looking for a quiet place to begin the most important step of the recovery process, Gwinnett is a great option.

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Inpatient vs Outpatient: Which Is Right for You?

Detox treatment offers two options: inpatient and outpatient care. Both are effective and usually lead into 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehab programs for long-term sobriety.

With inpatient care, patients are admitted to a detox center, where they stay for the duration of the detox treatment under the supervision of a trained medical staff. Outpatients, on the other hand, are allowed to stay at home during their detox, though they are required to check in with their treatment centers to keep track of medication dosages and general counseling.

Most medical professionals recommend inpatient care as it offers a more intensive and comprehensive treatment. As an inpatient, you would also have direct, immediate access to a medical team to help you manage withdrawal symptoms or provide counsel for the tough times. Inpatient care also comes with a more controlled environment, free of distractions and harmful situations that could slow your progress or cause relapse.

Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care, you’re already making the most important choice of all: to seek help. If you aren’t sure which would best suit your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Detox Benefits

Substance abuse comes with a wide range of problems, so you can see how detox could potentially change your life for the better. Some benefits of detox include:

  • Improved physical, mental, and emotional health, both in the short and long term
  • More money to spend on rent, gifts, technology, toys, clothes, and literally anything other than drugs
  • Mended relationships with loved ones
  • A better social life that doesn’t revolve entirely around abusing drugs

The most important benefit of detox is regaining control of your life. Drugs can change your behaviors, forcing you to do and say things you don’t mean that could potentially hurt those you love. Detox gives you back the reins and puts you back in control of your own body and your own life. Detox allows you to live a richer, more fulfilling life, whether it’s enjoying a night in, getting coffee with friends, or having fun with your family.

Effects of Drug Use

Heroin remains one of the most commonly abused drugs in Georgia. In 2013, about 5.8% of treatment admissions in Atlanta noted heroin as their primary drug of abus

Some common signs of heroin abuse include: Shallow breathing, constricted pupils, and sudden weight loss or gain


Sudden drops in energy and increased frequency and duration of drowsiness. Also mental sluggishness manifesting as slurred speech and general confusion


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Gwinnett County offers a wide range of detox facilities, and Georgia Drug Detox can help you find the treatment center that best fits your personal needs. These programs are the first step towards a full recovery and a new life. Do you have questions about treatment or insurance? Feel free to contact us. Call (678) 771-6411 if you’re ready to admit yourself to explore detox and set yourself on the track to a healthy, clean life.

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