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By admitting yourself to a detox facility, you’ve already made an important first step to recovery from substance abuse. Successful detox combines the right medicine with a positive setting. Fulton, a county located in the Piedmont section of Georgia, offers just such an environment. Situated within four river basins – the Chattahoochee, Coosa, Flint, and Ocmulgee – Fulton offers a scenic, serene setting that keeps your mind calm and focused while undergoing detox treatment. The detox centers in Fulton County have mastered the art of recovery and are dedicated to making your detox process as comfortable as possible. The trusted medical professionals at Fulton County’s detox facilities understand the difficulties that arise from the detox process and will be there every step of the way to ensure a successful start to recovery.

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Inpatient vs Outpatient: Which Is Right for You?

Chronic substance abuse causes the accumulation of harmful chemicals in your body. Detox flushes those chemicals out through the discontinued use of drugs along with the administration of certain medicines to facilitate the process and ease withdrawal symptoms. Nearly all 30-, 60-, and 90-day rehab programs start with or require detox treatment.

With inpatient care, patients are admitted to a detox facility where they stay for the remainder of their program. Inpatients are treated to direct care from a team of medical professionals, who are responsible for administering medication, providing counsel, and generally providing assistance. Outpatient care allows patients to stay at home during detox. Outpatients are required to check in with their treatment facilities on a daily basis, but they are also allowed to go to work and perform their usual, everyday activities.

Depending on your personal needs and professional evaluation, both inpatient and outpatient care can be equally effective. However, most medical professionals will recommend inpatient care for its intensiveness and direct access to medical treatment. Inpatient care also builds a more controlled environment, free of distractions that could either harm patients or keep them from focusing on detox.

Choosing the type of detox you receive is the first step to a healthier life if you have any question about which option is right for you or a loved one please contact us today.


Detox Benefits

Substance abuse is detrimental to your health in nearly all capacities. It can create sores, cause sudden weight loss or weight gain, and generally make you sicker more often. Substance abuse also increases your risk of serious diseases and disorders, including stroke, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Detox can return you to good health.

Drug abuse also wreaks havoc on your social life. It often causes a drop in attendance at school, work, and general social events. It causes you to spend large amounts of money for a high. It can lead to frequent fights and illegal activity. Detox can change all that and get you back on track to a positive life filled with fun, fulfilling moments.

The most important benefit of detox is control. Drugs can force you to spiral out of control and make you feel helpless in your own life. Detox puts you back in the cockpit, giving you the tools you need to start on the road to a better life.

Effects of Drug Use

Don’t binge, which will only increase chances of overdose and make the detox process that much harder.

Rehab can be at once intimidating and scary. Keeping an open, positive mind will go a long way. Focus on the positive aspects of getting clean.


Continued use of cocaine despite knowing that it has caused physical and psychological problems


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