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Detox is a major step in the fight against substance abuse. It lays the foundation for recovery through medication, a skilled medical team, and a positive environment. As far as positive and pleasant conditions go, Peachtree City is at the top of the list. Located within the Metro Atlanta area, Peachtree City is the largest city in Fayette County, Georgia and one of the most beautiful cities in the state. Home to three lakes – Lake Kedron, Lake Peachtree, and Lake McIntosh – Peachtree City is the ideal mix of nature and suburban life, which will provide you with a perfect balance as you begin the road to recovery. Peachtree’s rich, and easy-going atmosphere makes it easy to relax and focus during detox treatment. The medical professionals at Peachtree’s detox centers are dedicated to providing you with the care you need for a successful, healthy recovery.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which is Right for you?

Once you’ve decided that you want to go through with detox treatment, you can choose from two forms of care: inpatient and outpatient care. Through inpatient care, you spend the duration of your treatment at a detox facility under the supervision of a medical team. With outpatient care, you stay at home.

That’s about as different as the two forms of care are. They are both effective (based on your medical history and drug use), and both forms of care lead into longer 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehabilitation programs for long-term sobriety.

So is one better than the other? Many doctors will recommend inpatient care as it allows for immediate access to medicine and professional help to manage withdrawals. Inpatient care also builds a safer, more controlled environment for a more comfortable detox process. That means fewer distractions and situations that could contribute to a relapse or more difficult detox procedure.

Not all patients have to undergo inpatient detox. However, outpatient care requires greater self-sufficiency and responsibility, and which can often be difficult for addicts to manage.

If you have trouble deciding, talk to your doctor or contact us. Remember that, whatever you decide, making the choice is the most important decision.

Detox Benefits

Drugs have an extremely detrimental effect on your personal health. Substance abuse weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to infections. It can hurt your digestive system, leading to vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and sudden weight loss or gain. Prolonged drug use can raise your risk of cancer, lung disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other serious issues. Detox will reinvigorate your health.

Drugs also alter your brain chemistry, affecting your ability to make decisions. Continued use of drugs can cause behavioral problems, including paranoia, hallucinations, aggressiveness, and a general loss of self-control.

Drugs are incredibly powerful, changing everything you do for the sake of the next high. This constant dependency can change what you do and say, causing you to lie, keep secrets, or say generally hurtful things to those you love. Detox can help you get rid of that dependency so that you regain control of your life and rebuild relationships.

Effects of Drug Use

Avoid binging prior to your detox enrollment date. Doing so will only increase your chances of overdose and make the detox process harder.


Prior to your enrollment date, you’ll be given a packet listing things you should pack. Pack a bag that meets the standards. Do not pack anything forbidden, but do pack any personal items that will remind you of friends and family for added support.


Get plenty of rest and try to eat well. Worrying and being negative will only make things harder. Keep an open mind and focus on the positive results of getting sober to get through the rough patches.


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