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Detox treatment is the most important step to recovering from substance abuse. With the right medicine, medical professionals, and environment, you can transition to a clean, sober life. Rural DeKalb County offers a suitable environment for drug and alcohol detox. Crossed by the South River and bordering the eastern side of the Stone Mountains, DeKalb is the perfect mix of natural beauty and suburban life. With more and more people becoming dependent on cocaine, alcohol, and other illicit substances, it is crucial that when they seek treatment, they are receiving the best care available. DeKalb County’s detox centers provide you with a calm, serene atmosphere that will help you concentrate on your detox treatment and stay clean for good. With stunning mountain views and a tight-knit community, DeKalb County offers a strong foundation for successful recovery.

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Inpatient vs Outpatient: Which Is Right for You?

When you’ve decided to undergo detox, you have two treatment options: inpatient and outpatient care. In outpatient care, patients are allowed to stay at home and perform normal, everyday activities while going through detox. Outpatients are required to check in with their treatment facilities daily.

Many medical professionals recommend inpatient care. With inpatient care, patients are admitted to a detox facility where they receive direct treatment under the care and supervision of medical staff. Along with direct access to medical staff in the event of emergencies or to help better manage withdrawal symptoms, inpatient care ensures a calm, controlled environment to support the patient’s recovery while eliminating potential distractions that could prevent proper detox treatment.

Whichever option you choose, remember that you’ve already made the most important decision: to seek help, undergo detox, and get clean. Many professionals recommend inpatient detox because it gives patients the support they need to get on the path to recovery. If you’re not sure whether inpatient or outpatient care is for you, feel free to contact us.


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Detox Benefits

Detox is known to improve your physical health. Drugs are detrimental to your immune system, causing you to succumb to everyday diseases, like the cold and flu, and more serious conditions, like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Chronic substance abuse can also put you at a greater risk for more serious illnesses, including cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Detox can also help your mental and emotional health. Substance abuse can cause imbalances in your thoughts and emotions as drugs are specifically designed to promote certain feelings while hampering others. Drugs and alcohol can also exacerbate existing mental health problems. It’s not uncommon for patients to have a dual diagnosis in which substance abuse and the mental health issue present two unique sets of symptoms. Detox can help you tackle your substance abuse to better treat other mental and emotional problems.

Detox also benefits your social life. Drugs can burden your every interaction and force you to do and say things you don’t mean. This puts a strain on relationships and can eventually push your loved ones away. Detox helps you regain your personal connections and rebuild relationships.

Effects of Drug Use

Knowingly consuming alcohol in situations where it might be dangerous to you or others (drinking and driving, drinking while operating heavy machinery, mixing alcohol and prescription medications).


Drinking as a means of coping with stress. Experiencing legal problems related to your drinking (disorderly conduct, DUIs).

Neglecting responsibilities at home, work, or school because of your drinking.

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