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12 Feb Georgia Felony Drug Court

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Felony Drug Court Program Information

As a result of drug and alcohol addiction unfortunately many Georgia resident become entangled with the law; either as a result of buying, selling, or certain behaviors due to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Otherwise law-abiding citizens who would never have been in trouble with the law suddenly find themselves facing drug charges – which are varying degrees of felonies. To help an individual go through legal issues and not have a black mark against his/her record each state has special court systems set up. Georgia has its own felony drug court program and for more information click on Georgia Drug Court.

Program Overview

The Felony Drug Court provides a non-traditional and blended approach to working with criminal offenders who are drug- and/or alcohol-addicted. It is a five-phase program, with each phase representing a different step toward recovery. In order to graduate, participants must successfully complete each of the five phases and successfully graduate.

The Five Phases

The five phases correspond with the five stages in Carlo DiClemente’s Stage of Change model with the belief that individual participants begin in the Precontemplation Stage and then accordingly move through the Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance stages. Treatment, interventions, and program requirements in each drug court phase mimic the needs for each corresponding stage of change.


Participants will be expected to participate in the following treatment-oriented activities (all program activities are in the evenings and weekends so as not to conflict with work):

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Educational and treatment support groups
  • Weekly court appearances
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Random drug testing
  • Weekly AA / 12-step meetings

Felony Drug Court fees are variable and payable in cash or money order. However, alternative payment arrangements are available for those who qualify. Please visit Georgia’s Felony Drug Court Program for more information.



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