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13 Feb Georgia Al-Anon Meetings

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Drug addiction and alcoholism is a family illness. What that means is that even though there may be only one person in the family who is abusing drugs or alcohol, every member of the family becomes deeply affected and your lives as you know it changes. The addict or alcoholic can get into detox and treatment for his/her addiction but what can loved ones do?

Many loved ones go to open Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous groups (AA/NA) to better understand the family member who is drinking or getting high. While this is helpful in understanding the addict/alcoholic it does not help the families get the support and help they need in coping with the disease of addiction/alcoholism.

A simple question to ask yourself is: “Have I been affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use?” if the answer is ‘yes’ then Al-Anon may be for you.

Al-Anon is a support group for families and loved ones who have been affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use. Members are typically made up of spouses, siblings, adult children of alcoholics and really any person who is struggling with someone’s addiction.

Another helpful organization is Alateen. This is a support group for children ages 7 and up. Children living in an environment with drug and alcohol abuse become very affected by this disease even though it may not seem that way. Many families like to think that the child is too young to truly understand what is going on and often ignore seeking help for children affected by drinking or drug use.

Much like AA/NA meetings Al-Anon and Alateen have their own meetings all over the United States. Learn more about Al-Anon and Alateen…




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