Buprenorphine Providers

13 Feb Buprenorphine Providers

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SAMHSA is a nationwide governmental organization that helps connect individuals with substance abuse and mental health service providers all across the country. Very often people don’t have the time to search facilities and programs one at a time. The SAMHSA website is comprehensive and lists all resources in the Georgia area including local Suboxone doctors.

One particular service that individuals who are looking to break opioid dependence usually look for is Suboxone doctors, also known as buprenorphine service providers. These are medical doctors who have been trained in the use and administration of buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. It is important to know that not every physician or medical doctor is trained in this specialized protocol so it is always safe to find a doctor who specializes in buprenorphine treatment.

Also know that, by law, physicians who conduct buprenorphine therapy from their office are only allow to handle a limited number of patients so many physicians may not be taking on new clients. This does not mean you should stop looking. SAMHSA has a list of almost 500 physicians in the State of Georgia licensed to treat opioid dependence using buprenorphine protocols. Click here for SAMHSA’s complete list of buprenorphine service providers in Georgia.




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