How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System

18 Apr How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System

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Crack is the most commonly used street name for cocaine, an illicit drug that leaves users with feelings of amplified pleasure. It’s smoked from a rock crystal that’s been heated and then inhaled. This method allows the drug to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The short-lived high lasts five, maybe ten minutes. This burst of euphoria causes crack users to constantly seek ways to sustain the high, and they will continue to use the drug until they’ve achieved it.
Depending on the consistency of drug use, cocaine can remain in the system for up to three days or longer. Cocaine is measured by what’s called a “half-life,” which is the time it takes for the concentration of the drug to be reduced by half in the blood.

How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?

Random drug screenings are what typically have people concerned about how long crack can be detected in the system. If you’re scheduled to take a drug test, you may wonder specifically, how long does crack stay in your urine? Crack can be detectable in urine for 2-3 days, but for chronic users, it can be detectable up to a week. Other tests like saliva, hair, or sweat can register the drug for weeks or in some instances, years.
It only takes one use of crack cocaine to lead to addiction or problems with abuse. If you are concerned about problems with cocaine, seeking professional treatment is the best way to safely recover.

Varying Health Effects of Crack Addiction

The “good” feelings that a person experiences during crack use are short-lived, especially when compared to the longer-term, unpleasant effects that subsequently occur. Many addicts experience paranoia, panic attacks, or anxiety. Chronic users face insomnia, mental health challenges, and permanent damage to their cardiovascular system. The drug’s effect on the heart has led some to refer to crack as the perfect “heart-attack drug.”
One of the worst effects of crack addiction is the possibility of an accidental overdose. There has been a rise in deaths due to drug overdose from crack cocaine. In 2014 alone, 47,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. It can happen to anyone whether it’s their first time using or their tenth.

How a Crack Overdose Affects the Body

A drug overdose affects both the heart and the brain since crack use immediately impacts both. When a person continues to ingest the drug over a short period without considering how much is already in their system, an overdose can occur. If this happens, the person may experience a severe nosebleed, profuse sweating, and may take on an aggressive and extra talkative demeanor. Internally, the person may suffer from vomiting, shortness of breath, or chest pain due to the constriction of the arteries. Essentially, when an overdose happens, the heart cannot receive blood or oxygen, and the person can suffer a heart attack or stroke as a result.
Crack attacks the brain and leaves nerve cells unable to send the right communication signals. Shaky legs or arms, jaw grinding, or paralysis are common effects of an overdose. A person may experience seizures or tremors. In some cases, blood vessels may burst, causing an aneurysm. An overdose is a traumatic situation to say the least, one that often leads to death.
Surviving a cocaine overdose can leave a person with severe health problems. Crack addiction leaves long-lasting, often irreversible, effects that can continue to plague a person for the rest of his or her life.

Comprehensive Treatment for Crack Abuse and Addiction

Smoking crack changes day-to-day life. When you become an addict, the brain changes significantly and will affect the way you act, feel, and communicate. Not only does it hurt physically, but also has damaging repercussions on an emotional level as well. Crack addiction is notorious for ruining relationships and friendships. It has caused people to lose their jobs or face legal problems.
To confront and overcome addiction in a successful way, it’s essential to find a comprehensive treatment plan. There are different types of facilities to choose from, which will give people the opportunity to choose the most welcoming space for them.
Detox is an important first step in the process. Taking part in it with the help of a support team makes a big difference due to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that a person addicted to crack cocaine experiences. Well-trained staff will have medicine available that can help reduce cravings and ease symptoms, as well as round-the-clock assistance. The beginning can be the hardest part to overcome. It works better when there’s help.
Once crack is out of the system, and a person has fully detoxed, the recovery phase includes learning tools and coping mechanisms to prevent relapses. It varies by facility but generally group therapy, one-on-one check-ins, and counseling are provided for “life after cocaine.” To remain sober, addressing the cause of crack addiction is what will help a person refrain from any future temptations to use.
There are inpatient, outpatient, and resident-type settings for treatment. Since every addict will have their own road to recovery, customizing treatment is what makes it effective. Although a certain method might work for one person, it doesn’t mean that the exact plan will work as well for the next. It’s about finding the right fit for each individual.


Where to Turn for Help

Addicted to crack cocaine? Asking yourself how long crack stays in your urine? It may be time for help if crack is impacting your job and life. It is not an easy path to sobriety, but it’s one that’s well worth it. Crack cocaine can have a huge impact on your life. If you are ready to eliminate using completely, we are here to help find the right place for you.
Each person must set their own pace and find the treatment center and plan that works best for them. Depending on if you’re looking for inpatient or outpatient care, detox only, or a comprehensive recovery plan will help determine which kind of facility is best suited for you.
The willingness to seek out help and dedicate yourself to a better life is the first step. You deserve to make a change. We want to be part of the solution.


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