Help When You Need It Most

05 Feb Help When You Need It Most

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As a person who is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol you know how hopeless, frustrating and depressing it can be to feel like you are trapped with no way out. The reality is that there IS a way out, a way that you can stop this vicious cycle that’s destroying your life and the relationships with people that you love the most.

It is not as simple as just stopping drug and alcohol use on your own. You know that because you’ve probably tried it and have not been able to do it. You’ve most likely said to yourself many times: “ok tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow I’ll stop.” That didn’t happen and it wasn’t because you are weak-minded or don’t want to change – this problem is much bigger than you. Once you are in active addiction it is not a matter or choice anymore, drug and alcohol have a hold on you and you cannot control how your brain and body reacts when you try to stop. Your loved ones may not understand how difficult it is because they may not be addicts or alcoholics. A loved one may even say things like: “if you loved me you’d stop” or “how can you do this to us?” People that love you take your actions in addiction personally. You can’t really blame them – they don’t know better and they will say and do anything to get you to stop drinking or using drugs.

You need help and there is help when you need it most. Every person’s recovery process is different but it has to start with first getting rid off all toxins and harmful substances (drugs/alcohol) from your body. This is a medical process and it’s called detoxification – detox for short. Checking yourself into such a program will give you the medical help and support that every addict or alcoholic looking to get clean and sober needs. You may think that’s a little extreme and you don’t need to go into an inpatient detox to get sober. Most people who finally choose to voluntarily go into detox do so because they’ve tried every which way to stop on their own. Detox helps by giving you a safe and structured environment, medications to keep you comfortable, and a supportive and compassionate staff who is there to help you through this first step towards recovery.

Georgia Drug Detox professionals help people like you get sober every day. Trained medical and psychological experts know and understand the challenge you are facing and they are here to help when you need it most. If you are like most people today you probably worry about what it will cost and how you’ll pay for it. Georgia Drug Detox accepts most major health insurance plans and if you don’t have health insurance there are numerous payment options and flexible payment plans. Learn more about how you can start this process immediately and you’ll be surprised that it’s not as overwhelming as you think. Once you do you will feel such a sense of relief knowing that you are no longer trapped – there IS a way out and recovery is for you.


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